Launch your retention, up/cross-sell and reactivation initiatives without the dev time

Accelerating your
CS initiatives

Interai lets us surface any data our agents need in the CX system with zero engineering effort. We’ve easily programmed new workflows and automated real-time nudges for agents on what to do in dozens of customer scenarios.

We recently used Interai’s platform to launch summer loyalty offers in Kustomer in less than 24 hours. Front line agents were instantly aligned and we were relieved to skip backlog prioritization and save the cost of 2-3 development sprints.

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Jen Duguay
Director, Customer Experience, Sweetgreen

Frequently Asked Questions

Interai is by no means a CRM or a Service Platform. Interai is basically the retention and upsell engine that complements your existing CRM or Service Platform – no matter which one you use! Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, Kustomer, Gladly and many more.
Set up your CRM/Service Platform integration, install our Chrome Extension and you are good to go and start building your retention and upsell playbooks! You can integrate additional systems on the go (doesn’t require your Devs, our Solution engineers will support you in this).
Any system with either an off-the-shelf or custom APIs documentation. Which means we can also connect to your homegrown back-end!
Secure, safe, compliant: no storing of data, no changing of existing tools, no change management; Just real-time calculation, no storing!
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