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Interai Icon Create & Publish

Create & Publish​

Create retention, upsell/cross sell and adoption offers for each one of your segments. Your agents will be prompted with the relevant playbook in real time!

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Segment & Target​

Identify and target complex, high-value customers, such as customers who are just one purchase away from becoming your most loyal members.​

Interai Icon Test & Measure

Test & Measure​

Test your service initiatives, workflows and playbooks to see which experience resonates best for a particular segment or at a particular context.​

Interai Icon Analyze & Optimize

Analyze & Optimize

Analyze results, optimize experiences based on actionable data reports. For example, know how many at risk customers ‘walked through the door’ this week.

Interai Playbook

Build your playbook

Interai operates as a connective tissue between your backend systems and your Agents during live interactions. Allowing you to build simple to complex playbooks up to 20x faster than in-house, using building blocks purposely engineered for service and sales manager:

Launch directly to your Agent's workstation

Transform your agents workstation into a ‘proactive hub’. Empower them to focus not only on solving the current issue, but heading off the next one, with laser focused insights and actions:

Interai Agent Workstation
Interai Analytics

See the impact of your initiatives

Explore the impact of your initiative directly within Interai’s platform. See which customer segments ‘walk through’ your service doors, which offers most resonate across different segments groups and which agents are leveraging your sales and retention strategies to increase the overall lifetime value of your customers.

What our customers are saying

Interai enables surfacing available offers within our ticketing platform without any Sweetgreen engineering efforts. With Interai, we were able to launch new initiatives without prioritizing backlog and investing 2-3 sprints of dev resources in Sweetgreen.
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Colleen Woods
Sr. Manager, Technical Program Management, Sweetgreen
Interai enables Mixtiles to test and implement new business strategies and initiatives of our support team, without any dev efforts. With Interai, we were able to quickly distribute new & existing playbooks and insights to our agents by surfacing them automatically next to Intercom in real time.
Interai Mixtiles Icon
Dolev Rotteneberg
Head of global support, Mixtiles
It’s a dream to chase to always have the right information at the right moment, and Interai helps get one step closer. Most importantly it allows for the flexibility to generate and adapt your playbook without the usual development cycles and timeline of internal engineering work.
Interai - Branch
David Gustafson
VP Customer Support,

Frequently Asked Questions

Interai is by no means a CRM or a Service Platform. Interai is basically the retention and upsell engine that complements your existing CRM or Service Platform – no matter which one you use! Zendesk, Salesforce, Intercom, Kustomer, Gladly and many more.
Set up your CRM/Service Platform integration, install our Chrome Extension and you are good to go and start building your retention and upsell playbooks! You can integrate additional systems on the go (doesn’t require your Devs, our Solution engineers will support you in this).
Any system with either an off-the-shelf or custom APIs documentation. Which means we can also connect to your homegrown back-end!
Secure, safe, compliant: no storing of data, no changing of existing tools, no change management; Just real-time calculation, no storing!

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